VÍDEO - Abertura da AGIT / Turbo Zicatela Pro

Céu azul, vento terral e tubos sólidos, foi assim o   dia de abertura da   AGIT   / Turbo   Zicatela   Pro . Veja a gora o vídeo.

Céu azul, vento terral e tubos sólidos, foi assim o dia de abertura da AGIT / Turbo Zicatela Pro. Veja a gora o vídeo.

The opening day of the AGIT/Turbo Zicatela Pro, presented by Found Boards, ID Boards, and Colorada Surf is underway in Puerto Escondido in perfect 4 feet surf.

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Blue skies, offshore winds and solid tubes are the order of the day and the first round of competition featured some amazing action with Venezuela’s Sergio Alonzo toping out with the rounds best score.

Alonzo scored a 7.75 average for his tube to roll combo and was happy with the win.
“I’m happy. Its a good wave and even though I was a bit nervous I feel better now the first round has past” ha said.

Competition will continue until the wind kicks in which is usually around lunchtime.
For all of the up to minute action stay tuned to the IBA Facebook page and the webcast will begin on Saturday 6th August.

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