OSBB: To start,tell us how you got involved with the bodyboarding?

JEFF: I started Bodyboarding when I was young with my family and friends going to the beach all the time. It was so much fun I really enjoyed it and once I saw the magazine and really good riders I was hooked.

OSBB: When you decided to make bodyboarding your profession?

JEFF: I was lucky enough to have family who supported me and my dreams and then to find sponsors to help make this a reality.

OSBB: What kind of discipline that the athlete must have to be a successful professional bodyboard?

JEFF: You must be able to dedicate your self to your goal and to ride waves when u don't want to. It is easy riding good waves but to train in unfavorable conditions is a good challenge.

OSBB: invest your time in the sport 100% (bodyboard), you're one of the few that has a university degree. What course completed? And what is the importanceof keeping active in studies within the sport?

JEFF: I was able to get my masters of business administration degree in international business. This knowledge was really helpful in starting my own bodyboard company with my brother. I think it is very beneficial for anyone who undertakes such studies. But one must be ready to learn.

OSBB: Family rather important at all stages of our lives, his brother Dave always dispute competitions. How to compete with his brother? Batteries in a speech to the other?

JEFF: We travel and compete against each other all the time. We are good friends and family and we are focused in the water and always try our best we talk with each other in heats all the time. 

OSBB: You Kauai,spends most of time on the North Shore of Oahu and surf at Pipe always work,between the islands there are some rivalries by the natives of the island.

JEFF: All the Hawaiians are good friends and only small fun rivalries exist between the islands.

OSBB: End-to-point Brazil has several peaks for practicing sport (bodyboard), more specifically what are your words for Itacoatiara'''' - Rio de Janeiro.

JEFF: Itacoatiara Is a beautiful and special place with amazing waves and riders and people :)

OSBB: Brazil has been showing great athletes and being featured in the world, inparticular you have to talk to our idol and legend of bodyboarding BrazilianGuilherme Tamega''''

JEFF: Yes GT and I are good friends, yes always fun times with this legend

OSBB: Pipi highly anticipated title in both World Qualifying Tour (WQT) and World Super Tour (WST). How to beat front of all your friends and family?

JEFF: Yes it was amazing such a awesome moment in my life it was perfect!

OSBB: Still happens rivalry between surfers and bodyboarders in Hawaii or elsewhere in the world?

JEFF: No rivalry it is very open minded but just not as many bodyboarders  as surfers and it is more underrated.

OSBB:  You should have traveled quite a bit, there is some place you have never surfed and I would like to surf?

JEFF: Fiji looks amazing :)

OSBB: What kind of board do you use? PP or PE, with 2 thin Stringers?

JEFF: Pp with 1 stringer and mesh

OSBB: Havê you ever faced several batteries with Brazilian remember who gave some more work?

JEFF: Always gt is crazy edar and uri have amazing competitive skills and always so hard all the brazilians are dangerous.

OSBB: What is the most dangerous wave you caught?

JEFF: Luna park, Shark island, Tahiti, pipeline, Fronton, Arica all are heavy all the time.

OSBB: How do you see the Brazilian athletes over there world?

JEFF: Very happy competitive and with passion.

OSBB: BZ great brand, a brand that always support their work. How important for an athlete to have a partnership sealed career?

JEFF: To have a good sponsor is important to have your family's support in perfect and belief in your self is the best.

OSBB:  FRONTON - November 27 promises to enter history, World title fight promises to be an epic battle between you (Hawaii) and Ben Player (Australia), Amaury Lavernhe (Reunion Island). What are your expectations to the event? Be confident?

JEFF: Yes I am confident and relaxed to surf my best at fronton in the final event of the year it will be awesome and I can't wait to put on a show :)

thank you....

Welcome Jeff Hubbard

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